Buttery Basework
with Ava

April 17 (Wednesday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
75 minutes

294 N Winooski Ave

This class encourages a prerequisite of one of the following:
  • at least 5 Climb and Spin classes
  • a combination of at least 8 Climb and Spin, Beneficial Basics, and Climb Prep classes
Grip strength, controlled pirouettes and spins, and basic understanding of pole terminology required.

Buttery Basework is the love child of Sultry Slink and pole choreography around the base of the pole. Commonly referred to as "Low Flow," this sensual movement class will teach  you how to move seamlessly around the base of the pole in a sensual, fluid manner. During this class you will learn fluid and fun low-flows through base work, floor work and pole work, whilst wearing heels; this combined with timing and musicality will develop your confidence and your ability to captivate an audience.

The same choreography will be taught for two consecutive classes to give new students a chance to learn and returning students a chance to refine.

Heels are not required, but the class material is tailored to dancing in stripper heels. 

If this is your first class with us, please submit your health and studio policies waiver 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!