Unlock Your Inversion
with Vickie (sub for Savvie)

April 6 (Saturday)
at 11:30 am

Class length
75 minutes

294 N Winooski Ave

*This class requires a prerequisite of a combination of 3 of Climb Prep and/or Climb and Spin Flow classes required prior to taking Unlock Your Inversion*

This class intensive will focus on inversion training. Start your inversion journey, or refine and condition your inversion muscles! We will work on focused exercises that strengthen the body for inverting on the pole, and the variety of entries into the upside down world. 
This class is also recommended for those already familiar with inversion, as we will learn alternative methods to inverting.

*This class requires skin exposure from the mid-thigh down

If this is your first class at RevolVT, please submit your health and studio policies waiver 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!