Inversion Flow
with Ava

Sorry - that class has been cancelled!

April 5 (Friday)
at 5:30 pm

Class length
75 minutes

294 N Winooski Ave

*Must have Instructor approval and have fluency with Climb & Spin Flow spins, climbing, pirouettes, and inversion prep prior to reserving a spot in class. If you reserve a spot in this class without instructor approval, you will be removed from the roster and prohibited from attending.*

Ready to get inverted?  Take your practice into the air with Inversion Flow.  We work on more aerial moves, dynamic spins, climbs, holds, and inversions from the floor in this class. Check out instructor bios on our site to get a feel for our different teaching styles!

*This class requires skin exposure from the mid-thigh down

If this is your first class at RevolVT, please submit your health and studio policies waiver