Lap Dance 101
with Krystine

February 19 (Monday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
75 minutes

294 N Winooski Ave

PLEASE NOTE: You are expected to sign up for this class with a buddy you are comfortable contact dancing with. You and your slink buddy should book separate reservations and plan to be each other's partner for the duration of class. Solo reservations without a pre-determined buddy who has also reserved a spot in class are not permitted.

Lap Dance 101 offers the basics and signature components of lap dance. This class is akin to sultry slink, as it uses similar seduction practices and applies them to partnership dance. Given the nature of lap dance, this is a close contact class where you will take turns being a lap (the base) and the "dancer" (the flyer). Please be prepared to be up close and personal with your fellow students, and have a good time!

Beginner friendly! Prior dance experience is helpful but not necessary.
Kneepads are recommended also available to borrow in the studio.

Layers are recommended!
  • Wear leggings or stockings that allow the legs to glide freely about the chair. Refrain from clothes that match your chair and have textiles that are too slick or slippery to grip the chair (leather, pleather, silk).

If this is your first class at RevolVT, please submit your health and studio policies waiver 


Sorry - that class has already taken place!